Laminating, Binding & Finishing

Laminating, Binding & Finishing

Laminating: from an ID card to 40 inches wide! Protect maps, charts, posters, photos. Remember, laminating is intended to be permanent.

  • please plan ahead with lamination. The machines are on average 15 minutes to warm up before we can operate. If there is a large quantity of items to laminate additional time is required for trimming.
  • If you're printing a large poster and also want it laminated for durability purposes, the print shop offers a "polyback" paper that is weather and tear-resistant.
  • If your project's final size is 12x18 or smaller we also offer a "poly-stock" weight paper that is waterproof and tear-resistant that you can still write on with pen/pencil/sharpie.

Binding: for a professional finished look or just for convenience.

  • perfect binding - has a clear front and colored one-piece spine and back
  • spiral
  • stapling (saddle stitch)
  • 3-hole drilled and packaged in a clear envelope.
  • GBC plastic comb binding

Finishing: choose from these options for a finished product:

  • cutting
  • folding
  • stapling
  • drilling
  • perforating
  • numbering
  • padding